Real Living


The quote above isn’t just about using our own creativity it is also to encourage others around us to use theirs. We each have this awesome spirit inside of us that has ideas.

I’ve been reminded time and again this past week how much creativity my child possesses.  His ideas blow my fucking mind daily.  They are not just silly, they’re intelligent, useful, thoughtful, and kind. He keeps coming up with more and more when he’s encouraged to use his ideas.  WE each have a responsibility to encourage everyone around us, even if we personally think the idea is weird, unless it is a real danger to self, or others, then encourage it.

Life would be boring.  I am pretty fucking tired of  this boring, data collecting life. It’s time to live outside the box, live outside the rules, and make messes.

Have Fun.

Share Compassion.

Spread Kindness.

Looking out for others above ourself doesn’t equate to being a pushover, it’s being HUMAN!



We each DESIRE connectedness to something that is perfect, and flawless.

I crave to be accepted.

I crave to know I am loved.

I crave with all I am to know, I matter.

I exist for a reason and I have purpose.


I’ve realized when I stop worrying about what others think about me, the ONLY thing that matters, speaks through the fucked up, fallicious images of self, I have in my head. Then, REAL compassion, REAL love, from the REAL spirit of God SHINES!


Without sacrificial love, the payment for my sin, would be MY death.  I never, “truly” grasped this concept, until one of my teen alters gave her life to Christ during my therapy session.  My counselor gently spoke the truth in love, my punishment I deserve is DEATH.  But the payment is paid, and I’m washed white as snow, by the blood, Jesus bleed, on the cross.

My fucking mind is blown when I think Jesus died for me, so I will never-ever suffer separation from, what I desire most. Love.  Because God is love!

In additon to immediate forgiveness of my sins, I was fully-filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is Always there. As I relent my own “desires”,  and listen, connection blooms.


Fully living life.

It is all simple, yet takes giving up self, and living for the one who made me for purpose.

 Live out Love within REAL purpose



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