Beautifully Brave

Those are the words God spoke through my counselor to give to me, about me, for me.
Today, wow, I dug up some deep shit.
And the shame is trying so desperately to hang on yet. 
Hmm. That’s just it.  Perfect.  I choose to not let you hang on shame .  Fuck you shame.  Fuck you. 

I’m beautifully brave.  God said so.  Enough said! 


I’m choosing to live my life as the broken, into beautifully brave woman God, created me to be. 

Finally, thank you my amazing God for placing me on this path, to find this woman, who is one of the most fucking awesome ladies you created.  Thank you that she is my counselor and mentor and just full and abounding in love. This song (click the link!) is so perfect for me.  Thank you for sharing it with me blessed woman.   Live out your love in Christ …always.  I love you. 
And I do love me also!
I’m Beautifully Brave! 


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