Do – an action, to act upon something.
Relent – give up pseudo-control.
Everything – every fucking thing!
And – connects words together.
Meditate – processing thoughts within the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Let go of my beliefs, and let God’s truth shine out of me.
My dreams are images of things I already know.

Yet what is the source of my dreams?

To make sense of my life.
Still what is the source code, of the data I process in my dreams.

God is the creator of all things.

He already knows my thoughts, so why not allow His Spirit to direct my beliefs.

The Holy Spirit is Always present.

Can I relent self desires, and allow God’s Word of Truth to transform my will to become the creature, God created me to be?


Or will I do the same old thing of what kept us alive….they say crazy is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different outcome.


I want to reside in hope, which has formed from trust. The trust of my safe place and person.

I want to let go of my fears, and leap with Faith into waters where God resides.

I’m afraid of success because success “was never going to be mine,” is what I heard all my life.

All of it.

Yet those lies will not destroy me.

Still, I will admit I am currently and still will struggle with it.

Admission of sins.
Admission of my weakness is hard.
Yet, God equips me when I’m not able.

God loves so much, He wants us to see how much He will do through us, if we relent our control, and let Him in.

This message is for me. If others benefit, praise God. I know I’m a flawed, weak, sinner, who just even yesterday saw how truly fucked up my life has been…for so long.

I fucked up, but I’m not a fuck up!

I am daily striving to be beautifully brave (BB).
That’s my identity in Christ.
I am beautifully brave.

He equips me.

I can speak the truth in love, when I listen to God, and let His words flow through me for His glory.

For this world truly is not my home, I’m just passing through.


I had a shitty night last night. My dream fucked with my head. Yet, as I follow my own words of what a dream is…then peace will be mine.



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