Learning to face Reality


There is a song that my MC shared with me: Clean by Natalie Grant and it is so healing to my confused, and hurting littles, and middles, and bigs.

I am BB.
I am EZE.
I am Ultra, Hidden, and Lovies.
I am LPL, LITTLE LIZ, little lizzy, and logic liz.
I am Venus and Rebel.
I am WB.
I am Scrambled Eggs (SE).
I am MomyE.
We are confused, and yet we are moving; albeit slowly, it is still moving toward our Identity, God created us to be, Beautifully Brave. I am in pain, but I am safe. I hurt yet, I have peace. And always I know I am worthy because I exist.
That is a biggie to take in and absorb. I am worthy because of nothing more than being, existing, living. If I am alive, I am worthy. Wow that truth fucks with everything I’ve ever thought about myself. I mean I can talk the truth about others and even say it about parts of me but to full accept it for all of me, that’s my soaking and learning I am taking in this week, thanks to my fucking awesome MC!
I fully mean that with utmost respect and gratitude because it’s something I’ve wanted all my life and now to see its tangible truth is my reality also…. I’m ready to try to fully accept it for me also. I know it won’t be instantly nor will it always be perfect, because we live in an imperfect world. However God’s grace makes it possible to live!
So for this day I find myself listening to “Clean”, by Natalie Grant, and I chose to rest in God’s truths.
God is the one who holds Control.
Jesus choose me when he died on the cross.
The Holy Spirit is always with us!



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