Today I read Psalm 40, then I reread it, to absorb it. Next, I wrote what I believe, God told me through the Holy Spirit, as I listened, (as I just, was, present in that moment) to write the following:

My trust, hope, strength, and breath exist because God’s love shines through Jesus blood. Jesus blood welcomes the Holy Spirit, who in turn, lovingly directs my life path.

Therefore, I am NEVER ALONE! (link to song by Barlowgirl, Never Alone.)

Praise God for His unending Grace and Mercy that flow love, life, and breath in and out of my wretched body.

For only God’s redeeming love hath made me Clean! (link to song by Natalie Grant, Clean)

Praise God for His unfailing Love and Mercy, which I only obtained through God’s Grace upon my choice of Faith in Jesus.

Amen and amen.

❤ BB


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