Yearning for something but what?

Yesterday at church, whilst listening to the Pastor I felt inclined to just write. So I did. I heard all the Pastor was saying, Light was pouring in ways only God could do through my Faith in Jesus by the breath of life in me, the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday the message was on Logos. What does Logos mean exactly and why does it matter to me? Well, Logos is exactly what I need (at least for me), is what I craved my entire life!

Logos is not easy to describe nor will this blog post be an authority as to it’s definition; however, I hope it helps me remember what Logos says Logos is!

Firstly, Logos is God in three persons, is the way I basically am defining the beautiful word.

Secondly, why is Logos so important?  because Logos is the only way we find out our true purpose, meaning, and worth in life!

Let me backtrack a tiny bit, I am worthy because I exist! However, I am an embodiment of my worth when I find Logos!

Logos is the exact representation of God. Jesus is God is Jesus is the Holy Spirit. Jesus became man with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as His guide. We have the full power of the Holy Spirit because we choose Jesus as our one and only Savior! God the Father sees us as holy through Jesus blood he spilt on the cross, and as we choose to have Christ take on our sin, by choosing to stop and listen to the Holy Spirit, then we have life (or Logos)!

God is Jesus dwelt among us. God’s character Jesus, is love that dwelt among us! Jesus knew me before He came to earth and still, He came to earth, He still chose the cross, He still died. He still rose again. I am washed, clean because of this! Nothing can change this. As I believe, as I proclaim, as I accept Christ as my Savior, and rest in His grace, I am forgiven!

As the Holy Spirit directs my path, as I stop trying to do it on my own, and I allow the Holy Spirit to work in me, then I am free indeed! No matter what!!! I can do all things because God’s grace indwells me through the Holy Spirit and through Jesus sacrifice, I am fully saved. Fully alive. Fully alive in Christ alone! I am clean!  (Clean by Natalie Grant) Christ cleansed me, as I am washed by the blood, I am redeemed!

In conclusion, through Logos all things were made. Even me! I was created or became because God created me. God is the Light of me. Jesus is the Light of me. The Holy Spirit is the Light inside of me! This Light is my Life. This Light is my purpose! This Light is my Hope, my breath, my desire. In Logos I have all my needs fulfilled perfectly!

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Logos is Light (Hallelujah, Light has Come, by Barlowgirl) is the only reason Christmas matters!
❤ BB


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