My husband and I were able to discuss our difference points of view and my r3b3l wants me to give up because the anger hurts so bad. Yet. Love helps me find my way back to hear. LPL. allowed me to cry a little bit,

I had deep hurt from what occurred tonight that reminded r3b3l of not understanding why I was hit by a basketball in anger…
I hurt. I feel it in my back, through my joints…oh I know this pain is from a memory when my dad and I were playing basketball and he got angry at me for something I said or did and threw the basketball at my back ad hard as he could… it knocked the wind out of me and hurt and it hurts right now…r3b3l and Venus hold this memory along with LPL…cause I feel no emotions right now just body memories… and images …
anger equals trouble equals get the fuck out of dodge… yet. Tonight isn’t the past. My husband really does want to work on thus with me,and it helps me so much.

At our last marriage session our amazing Mentoring Counselor (MC) said, “give each other some fucking grace”. Situations like last night make the emphasis “fucking grace” to each other fit so well. MC state, “to me it does beautifully go together so well!” I couldn’t agree more because what happened last night is fucked up, and the only way to survive is extend some fucking grace to one another.

My past is fucked up! And it has fucked with my ability to reason things clearly or remain in the present…and it takes grace to survive the existence we, find ourselves in. Meet one another and extend grace to love one another even when we hurt each other unintentionally…mistakes and forgetfulness and accidents do occur, yet. GRACE truly is big enough to cover it all. Especially when we allow the Holy Spirit to be our Guide.

The enemy does go around and try to stop us from extending grace to each other. What better weapon do we have than to do battle by implementing the word of God against the devil….
“Therefore, make your requests known to God. Resist the devil and he will flee.” (James 4:7)


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