Dreamer and Hope

these words were created while digging into first Timothy three….

Grievous acts will occur to try to steal, kill, and destroy.
Humans will turn from their first LOVE, toward lies, toward pseudo-truths, toward lovers of themselves, toward making themselves to being all powerful, all knowledgeable, and all things they are not.
Total deconstruction of what God, our Father, Creator, intended us to be. Selfishly living, and buying into, and selling ourselves for instant gratification.
Instead of enduring refinement, recreation, returning, and submitting, instead of being a servant to the Hope of all HOPES; a follower toward self-satisfaction, self-everything, and only hearing the lies satan has implanted in us at every opportunity he finds.

The Truth Exists in Us!

We know it! 

WE were not formed from Evil, as those who lack total self-abandonment believe, no, this understanding is not of human origin, rather, the Spirit of Truth, through the Son’s Power. 

This Truth that we all are created to do specific things.

I, your Father actually know what choices you will make.  You still have to do it, but when you Find My Path for you, even though by human measure it will be unfair, by My measure for you, it is nothing but the best!

Yes, some will be enticed by the love of everything, but Me. Yet those who remain focused on My will for them, will never falter, fail, or be destroyed.  They will be tempted, tested, refined, and seemingly destroyed, ALL for My Glory! 

It will hurt!

It will destroy what seems like truth and good, however, it’s only when these things that steal them from Me are cut away, will My glory for them continue SHINE!  Then, being refined by fire arise, their true self, their soul, My formation I originally knew they would become. 

When I, your Father am revealed, when nothing of you remains, then, My Freedom, My Power will be your glory as you lead others to Me!

For as I said from your creation, you’ve known my truth, the words of My breath written, and recorded so you may know Me, so you will become who I’ve made you to BE. 
My Child, you are already equipped to lead others to Me, for My Glory! 
Remember this when persecutions arise, and Life seems impossible, and you will find TRUE rest!! 
Then, Freedom in Me will Reign over, and in, and through you, because I love you THAT much! 

Steadfastly seek the gifts I have for you. 
Always Be slow to speak, slow to anger, and Abounding in Love!


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