And the Truth sets you free…..

Hi, its been a while and I’ve grown into understanding myself (Liz and BB) a whole lot better (hence the title and the truth sets you free..).  And  I was given an opportunity to help me while MC is out celebrating, an important anniversary, to meet with a sweet, warm, treasure of a woman, to help me stay stabilized during the week.  Thank you MC for allowing me to see someone whom you love dearly this week, and thank you DID specialist (RP) for taking the time to see me 2 times this week.

As I shared with RP today of things that were deeply weighing on me so much so i took a day of FMLA for selfcare for myself. I shared my website (blog, this one and hadn’t realized how long its been since I wrote on here. As i came here to look at it to share the correct address, I found It is outdated!!!

The main thing I will do today is I  will share an excerpt from my journal  (unedited from when I shared it with my BFFs Collective and Guardians from January 7, 2017.

A little background first, on the 4th or 5th of January I went into my session and said i want to know what it is like to come toghether. And LPL and Love want to do this today and I believe MC, you may not “know what to do,” yet i believe the Holy Spirit will show you how to help me what to do. So we did and it was Jesus who brought LPL and Love back into one (instead of two separate parts of me they are one).  It was beautiful and i will have to find the recording from that day, however below captures the beautiful imagery, I was given when some other parts were ready for this also.  I Just. WAS! So much so it was a battle all week and weekend until we stopped and listened to all of me and allowed Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit to do this in me.  It was not scary it was beautifully brave …so it was for me and is Me!

The following is what I wrote in my journal, “I saw Jesus and me – Jesus took all my parts that are deciding to conjoin to be who it is we are – on this part of our healing Journey and firstly it was an Explosion of green?! (which makes sense! Perfect sense M3rci was the first to speak up about sexual abuse —and M3rci is represented by green). Okay so then it was Jesus and lovies is a heart, a red heart that is held/housed in Jesus heart and Samson comes in represented by yellow just a yellow (well in my time with Jesus at first Samson did turn into the shape of a penis but Jesus took him and he just melted into a yellow peaceful splash of color that was absorbed into the middle of lovies, who was still in the middle of Jesus heart. And then M3rci came in represented by green splash of color and was soaked into the middle of lovies (a red heart) which was still inside of Jesus heart and Jesus gently pushes us into lovies and we are then … Peace flows to and then hides from Jesus because of shame and fear, yet the Holy Spirit and God guide Peace back to Jesus and we are absorbed into Jesus hands, and flow through his arms and with the Holy Spirit are infused into lovies, and the Holy Spirit stays in us, inside of lovies. And then Joy is diamond hard, impenetrable yet malleable and shaped into a perfectly clear, translucent heart that instantly Jesus places and forms and melds to lovies and loves transformation is complete! We are lovies inside Liz and BB, because Jesus has us in His heart yet instantly we are in Liz’s also and we are safe because the Holy Spirit infused in us and Jesus created us and Liz houses us and we are part of Beautifully Brave.

And then I see and sense LPL who senses her transformation was … yet before a thought can fully evolve – Jesus gently picks up LPL and melodically whispers, “you are LPL I formed you – you are one with Love – love is in you, LPL, and remains. I formed you – you are malleable, amazing, and soldered together with the Holy Spirit” The Holy Spirit is the teal color and shape of a heart (which represents love inside of LPL). LPL you are amazingly beautifully colored different variations of purple and blue – cannot be described with human words and in the shape of the human you are human. We are Liz and we protect Liz because Jesus created us and the Holy Spirit keeps us together

and then we have dreamer – oh dreamer is from trust and dreamer and gentle. Dreamer is teal with purplish mix, trust is orange, and gentle is gold.  We are Liz we help Liz dream. Our function is to help Liz dream and Trust and gently remember she, Liz is the mom and knows what to do. So I gentle am in dreamer with trust because that is where we belong now.  We are not a real form (solid shape) we are fully present though during dreams and other times that Liz needs us. We are formed and molded together by Jesus and the Holy Spirit infuses us and melds us together and we flow freely as energy and as thoughts – as exactly who dreamer is supposed to be.

So Jesus thank you for helping me with LPL, dreamer (who is in me), and lovies transformations inside of me, Liz and BB:

(littles) EZE, gr@c3, lovies, LPL, little lizzy

(teens) Venus, Rebel

(adults) Worker Bee, Hope

I have a lot more I could say about my journey since September 2016, however, for now I will conclude with this.  God leads us on paths we don’t understand and even kinda hate at times.  Yet, the Truth is God is Love and wherever we go, even if we stray He is right there to gently pick us up and place us back in His loving care, on the life path He had laid out for us.  It may not make sense now, and it may never, on this side of Heaven.  Yet it is always perfectly ours to claim.  All we have to do is quiet our thoughts (parts), minds, and just listen for the Holy Spirit of God. And when we listen and allow the Holy Spirit and Jesus to guide us, no matter what Life throws our way… it’s never-EVER alone.  Jesus tells us He is the Way, Truth, and Life.  I hope my friends whomever reads this knows this and has invited Jesus in as their savior.  Be Blessed and Rest in Truth.



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