Liz and BB

Who are WE? Facebook reminded me I had a post a year ago to the date.  I have not read it. My week is challenging.  
I realize it is because I long for what never will be.  
Yet the truth is I have a loving Father who never leaves me or forsakes me.  

I want to update the Parts of me that I originally shared a long while ago and for a long time had it password protected. Yet today, I choose to change that again and post a new update of who I am and what I know about all of me. I want to include the original text and update it just to remember in the future.

The parts of me I know: *EZE (formed from E (li) Z (ab) E (th)* *lo^ə (from fear which came out of LPL)* *liv* *trust (formerly pain)* *Dreamer (formerly sacrifice)* *liv* *Joy (formerly ultra)* *Peace (formerly hidden)* *M3rci* *lovies (formerly sex parts)* *LPL* *little lizzy* *Gr@c3 (formerly two parts Venus and R3b3l  (covered by grace))* *MomyE* *Worker Bee* *Hope (formerly scrambled eggs, and originally Scribe)* *Logic Liz* work together to form Beautifully Brave (BB) (my system) and each identity has a fucking purpose for existence.
EZE, Lo^ə, Trust, Dreamer, liv, M3rci, Lovies, little lizzy are all littles from ages three to seven  LPL – who is one of my main protectors and holds a lot of control of my emotions.  She is embarrassed to share her physical age (young)  Joy – is another young protector along with Peace – these two… protect me during s*xually abuses  Gr@c3 – another protector in her teens, very angry, very rebellious, and protective *UPDATE – 04/14/2017* – grace was never a teen she came from rebel, and is actually very innocent, sweet and very articulate.  MomyE – a mommy ..always wanted to be a mommy, six years old, tries to help be a mommy in real life to own kids, never wants anyone to be hurt ever  Worker Bee – my knowledge of so many things especially related to work  Hope – my wisdom retainer and sharer with all parts who will listen  Logic Liz that’s me.  I suppose it’s me. Sometimes I don’t know. and BB.  These parts form my system of BB.

A while ago we posted the parts of us who have either joined together or decided to meld into Liz…Comings together…link (click for full context of the following quote 🙂

“I saw Jesus and me – Jesus took all my parts that are deciding to conjoin to be who it is we are – on this part of our healing Journey and firstly it was an Explosion of green?! (which makes sense! Perfect sense M3rci was the first to speak up about sexual abuse —and M3rci is represented by green). Okay so then it was Jesus and lovies is a heart, a red heart that is held/housed in Jesus heart and Samson comes in represented by yellow just a yellow (well in my time with Jesus at first Samson did turn into the shape of a penis but Jesus took him and he just melted into a yellow peaceful splash of color that was absorbed into the middle of lovies, who was still in the middle of Jesus heart. And then M3rci came in represented by green splash of color and was soaked into the middle of lovies (a red heart) which was still inside of Jesus heart and Jesus gently pushes us into lovies and we are then … Peace flows to and then hides from Jesus because of shame and fear, yet the Holy Spirit and God guide Peace back to Jesus and we are absorbed into Jesus hands, and flow through his arms and with the Holy Spirit are infused into lovies, and the Holy Spirit stays in us, inside of lovies. And then Joy is diamond hard, impenetrable yet malleable and shaped into a perfectly clear, translucent heart that instantly Jesus places and forms and melds to lovies and loves transformation is complete! We are lovies inside Liz and BB, because Jesus has us in His heart yet instantly we are in Liz’s also and we are safe because the Holy Spirit infused in us and Jesus created us and Liz houses us and we are part of Beautifully Brave.
And then I see and sense LPL who senses her transformation was … yet before a thought can fully evolve – Jesus gently picks up LPL and melodically whispers, “you are LPL I formed you – you are one with Love – love is in you, LPL, and remains. I formed you – you are malleable, amazing, and soldered together with the Holy Spirit” The Holy Spirit is the teal color and shape of a heart (which represents love inside of LPL). LPL you are amazingly beautifully colored different variations of purple and blue – cannot be described with human words and in the shape of the human you are human. We are Liz and we protect Liz because Jesus created us and the Holy Spirit keeps us together
and then we have dreamer – oh dreamer is from trust and dreamer and gentle. Dreamer is teal with purplish mix, trust is orange, and gentle is gold.  We are Liz we help Liz dream. Our function is to help Liz dream and Trust and gently remember she, Liz is the mom and knows what to do. So I gentle am in dreamer with trust because that is where we belong now.  We are not a real form (solid shape) we are fully present though during dreams and other times that Liz needs us. We are formed and molded together by Jesus and the Holy Spirit infuses us and melds us together and we flow freely as energy and as thoughts – as exactly who dreamer is supposed to be.

Parts of my system

EZE – is a baby, recently (04/11/2017) shown to me during my time with MC on my healing journey.
lovies – all of the s*xually abused parts of myself in one.  Which came pouring over into my journey this week. Yet now we have something that we can go to, that MC helped EZE see – Jesus holding us. Jesus showed us this image as we were struggling greatly for peace.  c51bf801e60451ed1bcd569b644ece63
Rebel grace – Rebel my teen (holds a LOT of anger) and grace as one (is innocent, sweet, and articulate and only about 5). Rebel grace became Rebel grace not so long ago also.
LPL – Little Protector Liz – still my little protector – of all, tried to be the child we know we are (about age 7 to 9), yet, not ready for this yet.  *protects by knowing what to anticipate and expect others need from us*
little lizzy – fun loving child (about age 9) who loves to play – all things fun. Also helps me speak my truth, by allowing me to do something with my hands to help me feel safer to speak.
Venus – a teenager, who loves to help me pick out clothes that look good on me.  And one who loves to be loved, yet doesn’t understand it, and is VERY confused with the word LOVE!
Worker Bee – an adult (I think) who is just good at all things! Really good at all things requiring cognition, research, and creativity.  Helps me keep the job I have, and be able to connect with people by using all the knowledge WB (I) possess.
Hope – my adult part that is nurturing and protective to others and all parts of myself.
Liz and Beautifully Brave – it is me, along with dreamer, and trust, and MomyE. (dreamer, trust, momyE are still learning, yet also helping me all the time to just function as a mom and emoting better).

Those are the parts of me as I know it or should I say, as we know it. 🙂


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