Some days

Today my MC session was difficult we talked about things we have been hiding or holding in from her. Because we didn’t want to discuss it. We did finally. It was hard. And we feel so stirred inside. And sad! We know we are loved always because we are. We just are. Today was just […]

Basic needs

For the past three or four days my son has came to our room because he couldn’t sleep; therefore we haven’t really slept either.  I find myself reverting to my unhealthy ways of coping. Which are not worrying about me, but worrying others needs are met above mine. Even though when I do this I […]


Learning that we have no control over the things that happen to us,  yet we have a loving God who knows how our life turns out…… Believing we have a Savior who chose to come to Earth to live life as fully man and fully God.  Who died upon a cross to take on all […]


Loved   Redeemed   Beautiful   Allowed   Free   Those words have empowered me since, the precious Holy Spirit revealed them during a recent counseling session. My parts of my system, Beautifully Brave have recently decided to start journalling to each other every day! Hope is growing into her fullest capacity. The journey is […]