Fear becomes…

fear is what happened all morning, I couldn’t see the truth, the light, the love I know exists, I was unable to help my lovies out… I had terrible terrible nightmares last night.  Awakened, as I usually am by my loving husband – yet it was not an adult part of me… I longed for […]

Hard subjects

Tonight my littles especially lovies had a very hard time at Bible Study.  We studied Hebrews 13:4 and we just were not able to help keep lovies from havong to stop from being triggered.   It is physically painful and emotinally overwheming. The sweat pouring from my face, the runmble in my intestines, the intense […]


 I am becoming Beautifully Brave through the amazing power of Transference neurosis = “The phenomenon of [my] developing a strong emotional relationship with [MC].” (Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing., 2012) I am learning a lot about me and the most important thing I strive to constantly remember is:  I am in this place at this time because God has […]